The Hobby Pledge 2013

The hobby pledge 2013: Bought: 0 Painted: 6 Total: 6


Workbench Wednesday

On the table this week is still my Imperial Guard. I've been very distracted by my wonderful girlfriend over the weekend, and work during the week, and ended up getting very little done. I did however finish a couple of side projects.

Ideas are mandatory!
The first is a notebook I picked up and 40k pimped-out with an Administratum symbol from the Dark Heresy rulebook. I'm going to use this to sketch/plan/inspire me and just scribble any old 40k/hobby thought that pops into my head.

It's really shocking!
I'll give an internet cookie to anyone who can guess what the last "mystery item" is.

In other news I'm changing job next week. This is going to be leaving me with more hobby time for reasons which will become apparent. I'm going to document the transition because I believe it may be of interest to some of you stalking around here.

Till next time remember...


Showcase Saturday

Just a teeny tiny update this week. Life is starting to push out my painting time again.

I got my test Iron Warrior finished for the Chaos side of the Dark Vengeance box set. Things  learned from this:
  • Gold is not my friend (I need to learn how to properly paint this)
  • Invest in an airbrush
  • I can paint jewels very well
  • I need to work on my layers/blending (for the demonic parts)

In addition I'd like to thank you for sticking with me and keeping me focused. This has allowed me to finish 2 projects so far this year. That’s 2 more than last year!
As a gift to you all I'm thinking about adding another type of post. It’ll be called “Tutorial Tuesdays” (or Thursdays). This is going to consist of me posting links to tutorials I find for various aspects of the hobby and my results from using them. I may also post my own tutorials if I stumble across anything new when I'm modelling/painting. This means it’s not going to be a weekly thing. Just if I come across one I try I’ll let you guys know.
It’s a way to share advice and give people a second opinion before they try it themselves.
What do you think?
Till next time remember...


Workbench Wednesday

On the desk this week we have my nearly complete Iron Warrior test figure (just some detailing to do) and some Tabletop standard Imperial Guard to add to my foot-sloggers.

Again I've included a blurry "close-up" just to tantalise the hobby tastebuds.

For a laugh here is how my desk looks when I'm mid creative flow! This was taken on Saturday as I was finishing up the Inquisitor's bases. It is organised chaos I hasten to add.

Till next time remember...



Showcase Saturday (Well Sunday...)

I have just finished the Inquisitor and retinue. This should have been done yesterday but I took a trip to see my mum and get some materials to test a method of making hazard stripes.

I think it worked well. I'll try and get some base shots. Probably should have done that before I stuck the minis to them.

Till next time remember


Workbench Wednesday

Still on the table this week is my inquisitor and retinue.

I'm lavishing these lads and lassies with care and attention so they may take a while. In saying that 4 are 'done' (still to be based and may have additional little details worked depending on time-scales) and the other 3 are progressing swiftly.

I've been good and managed over an hour of painting every night since Saturday and still have my enthusiasm. NEW RECORD!

It's a little blurry...

So in celebration I have included some blurry close-ups of the retinue just to tantalise the taste-buds for a nice spread on Saturday.

And smile for the close up....

Till next time remember...


Showcase Saturday!

Well the time has come for the first Showcase Saturday. And here it is.

Kal Jerico

Th infamous bounty hunters Kal Jerico and Scabbs

And the aforementioned pair running away!

Well the inquisitor's retinue isn't even nearly finished so you're getting a previous project. Seen above is my most recent completed project Kal Jerico and his sidekick partner Scabbs.

I was compelled to paint this pair after reading The Complete Kal Jericho, primarily to gain some inspiration for a necromunda gang but it also turned out to be a thoroughly good read. The gang is still in the pipework but I just had to have a go at the two protagonists. I have an idea to include Yolanda eventually, but that's another future project.

I hope you enjoy and sorry about the shoddy photography. I plan to get myself a basic mini photography studio later on this year (in the best DIY hobby sense obviously!).

Till next time, remember..


Long Time No See!

It's been almost 8 months since I last posted.... 

...Shame on me

Little has changed since I last posted so I'm basically starting over.

After over a decade in this illustrious hobby I have little to show, being someone who starts a great many projects, but struggles to finish (as you can tell since I haven’t posted anything in 8 months). This blog is now to be used to give me some structure (read as deadlines) as I build, paint and play my way through the Games Workshop hobby, paying particular attention to Warhammer 40,000. I plan to update with my own work every Wednesday and Saturday in the following manner:
·         Workbench Wednesdays - A quick snapshot of my “workbench” (or desk as it is also known) with my current project, a brief description of said project, and possibly a sneak peek of anything else I forget to remove…
·         Showcase Saturdays - A more detailed set of pictures of my hopefully completed weekly project, or some of my earlier work if I haven’t been very productive that week.

Now as it is one of the aforementioned days welcome to the first instalment of…

Workbench Wednesday!!!

From left to right on the desk we have:

·         5 completed models - Empire priest blessing a handgun, Kal Jerico, Imperial Commander, Scabbs, and an Imperial Preacher. (Showcase pictures to follow)
·         My current project - An inquisitorial retinue (a justification to paint a few of the models I have wanted to) and their deadly Iron Warrior adversary (which is actually a test model for an Iron Warriors colour scheme for the Dark Vengeance boxed set).
·         And finally, perched upon the silver lamp base, is the Mechanicus Magi I’m slowly converting (he/she/it is currently in 3 pieces and nowhere near painting).

Hopefully this keeps you interested and in anticipation of Saturday.

Till next time remember…