The Hobby Pledge 2013

The hobby pledge 2013: Bought: 0 Painted: 6 Total: 6


Workbench Wednesday

On the table this week is still my Imperial Guard. I've been very distracted by my wonderful girlfriend over the weekend, and work during the week, and ended up getting very little done. I did however finish a couple of side projects.

Ideas are mandatory!
The first is a notebook I picked up and 40k pimped-out with an Administratum symbol from the Dark Heresy rulebook. I'm going to use this to sketch/plan/inspire me and just scribble any old 40k/hobby thought that pops into my head.

It's really shocking!
I'll give an internet cookie to anyone who can guess what the last "mystery item" is.

In other news I'm changing job next week. This is going to be leaving me with more hobby time for reasons which will become apparent. I'm going to document the transition because I believe it may be of interest to some of you stalking around here.

Till next time remember...


  1. have you tried your static cup yet? How does it work and did you buy it or make it? I keep looking at making one but haven't gotten around to it yet.

  2. I've also had a fancy to build such a grass applicator, my main concern however is whether the surface remains playable once you've used it...

    I mean, i can see it would make lovely standy-uppy grass.. but can you actually put minis on there?

  3. Dang, I love cookies, but I'm a year and a half late.