The Hobby Pledge 2013

The hobby pledge 2013: Bought: 0 Painted: 6 Total: 6


Showcase Saturday!

Well the time has come for the first Showcase Saturday. And here it is.

Kal Jerico

Th infamous bounty hunters Kal Jerico and Scabbs

And the aforementioned pair running away!

Well the inquisitor's retinue isn't even nearly finished so you're getting a previous project. Seen above is my most recent completed project Kal Jerico and his sidekick partner Scabbs.

I was compelled to paint this pair after reading The Complete Kal Jericho, primarily to gain some inspiration for a necromunda gang but it also turned out to be a thoroughly good read. The gang is still in the pipework but I just had to have a go at the two protagonists. I have an idea to include Yolanda eventually, but that's another future project.

I hope you enjoy and sorry about the shoddy photography. I plan to get myself a basic mini photography studio later on this year (in the best DIY hobby sense obviously!).

Till next time, remember..

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