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Long Time No See!

It's been almost 8 months since I last posted.... 

...Shame on me

Little has changed since I last posted so I'm basically starting over.

After over a decade in this illustrious hobby I have little to show, being someone who starts a great many projects, but struggles to finish (as you can tell since I haven’t posted anything in 8 months). This blog is now to be used to give me some structure (read as deadlines) as I build, paint and play my way through the Games Workshop hobby, paying particular attention to Warhammer 40,000. I plan to update with my own work every Wednesday and Saturday in the following manner:
·         Workbench Wednesdays - A quick snapshot of my “workbench” (or desk as it is also known) with my current project, a brief description of said project, and possibly a sneak peek of anything else I forget to remove…
·         Showcase Saturdays - A more detailed set of pictures of my hopefully completed weekly project, or some of my earlier work if I haven’t been very productive that week.

Now as it is one of the aforementioned days welcome to the first instalment of…

Workbench Wednesday!!!

From left to right on the desk we have:

·         5 completed models - Empire priest blessing a handgun, Kal Jerico, Imperial Commander, Scabbs, and an Imperial Preacher. (Showcase pictures to follow)
·         My current project - An inquisitorial retinue (a justification to paint a few of the models I have wanted to) and their deadly Iron Warrior adversary (which is actually a test model for an Iron Warriors colour scheme for the Dark Vengeance boxed set).
·         And finally, perched upon the silver lamp base, is the Mechanicus Magi I’m slowly converting (he/she/it is currently in 3 pieces and nowhere near painting).

Hopefully this keeps you interested and in anticipation of Saturday.

Till next time remember…


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