The Hobby Pledge 2013

The hobby pledge 2013: Bought: 0 Painted: 6 Total: 6


Showcase Saturday

Just a teeny tiny update this week. Life is starting to push out my painting time again.

I got my test Iron Warrior finished for the Chaos side of the Dark Vengeance box set. Things  learned from this:
  • Gold is not my friend (I need to learn how to properly paint this)
  • Invest in an airbrush
  • I can paint jewels very well
  • I need to work on my layers/blending (for the demonic parts)

In addition I'd like to thank you for sticking with me and keeping me focused. This has allowed me to finish 2 projects so far this year. That’s 2 more than last year!
As a gift to you all I'm thinking about adding another type of post. It’ll be called “Tutorial Tuesdays” (or Thursdays). This is going to consist of me posting links to tutorials I find for various aspects of the hobby and my results from using them. I may also post my own tutorials if I stumble across anything new when I'm modelling/painting. This means it’s not going to be a weekly thing. Just if I come across one I try I’ll let you guys know.
It’s a way to share advice and give people a second opinion before they try it themselves.
What do you think?
Till next time remember...

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